A Customized Approach to Relief

Because all pain isn’t created equal

Have you ever tried to find relief for your pain, but the relief didn’t last?

Maybe you’ve even visited another chiropractor, physiotherapist, or massage therapist who helped the pain go away for a few days, but then it came back.

Medications and bed rest haven’t worked.
It seems like the less you move, the more pain you’re in.


Why is pain stealing away the best moments of your life?
When will things finally go back to being “normal” again?

I understand the frustration, and I want you to know it IS possible to find relief.

  • You don’t have to take off work because of pain from an injury.
  • You can have more energy to have fun with your friends.
  • You can improve your fitness levels and get stronger.
  • You can spend time with your loved ones.

You can and you will.

Because I’m here to support you: as your modern chiropractor, coach, and cheerleader on the road to recovery.

Jaw pain isn’t only caused by stress. You could experience jaw pain after a dental procedure or from muscle inflammation.

Want to see what makes us different?

I’m not your traditional chiropractor who provides shorter treatment times and has you in and out for a 5-minute adjustment.

What to expect in your visit:

  • During your first visit, I take notes to understand your problem and history such as past injuries, sports, or activities.
  • You’ll receive an individualized treatment plan after I perform a self-assessment.
  • During your future visits, you’ll receive hands-on care such as soft tissue work, joint work (adjustment or stretch), rehab, and/or acupuncture if needed. The type of treatment will depend on my assessment.

The Tip Top Health Process for Injury Rehabilitation

Our goal?

To help you find pain relief so you can get back to your everyday activities.

Whether that’s sitting comfortably in your chair at work, getting back to your regular workouts at the gym, or walking to work… we believe that you can live a pain-free lifestyle.

We’ll work together to get you back in tip-top shape!

“I can’t imagine having done this without her.”

I’ve been with Natalie for 3 years. Natalie helped me get through the lowest of the low in my recovery journey. With her holistic treatments, not only did I get out of my lower back pain, but I also understood my body better. Now I feel much stronger physically, enjoying the sports I enjoy. I can’t imagine having done this without her.

Alicia Z.

Here are the following treatment plans that we offer at Tip Top Health:

  • Muscle strengthening programs
  • Joint stretch or adjustment
  • Acupuncture
  • Exercises

At Tip Top Health, we work together to understand the source of pain and discomfort you’re feeling and help you find relief. You don’t have to rely on ibuprofen or pain relievers to numb the pain to get you through your day.


  • Many times I’ve found that pain can occur because of a weak muscle group or unstable joint. We’ll work together to figure out the reason for your pain.
  • If you’re an athlete who experienced an injury while exercising, we’ll slowly build progression to rehab you to your goals
  • If you’re feeling pain from desk work or sitting all day, we’ll work together to regain strength for your day-to-day movements.

Treatment Plans Offered for Injury Rehabilitation

Want to use our modern chiropractic approach to get rid of your pain for good?

“Anytime I miss my regularly timed sessions with Dr. Natalie, I pay for it!”

I have been seeing Natalie for a chiro for a couple of years now and I look forward to these appointments because she can always pinpoint problem areas and is skilled in a number of different treatments to keep my body functioning. (she’s also super nice and pleasant or first-timers to chiro). I work out around 5-6 times a week and anytime I miss my regularly timed sessions with Natalie, I pay for it lol!

Kevin R