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You deserve to feel good in your body. At Tip Top Health, our aim is to provide you with the service, support, and tools you need to live your best life. We take the time to listen to your concerns and offer you personalized care based on your individual needs.

No matter how big or small your goals are, you can trust us to be there with you every step of the way.

What the Right Treatment Can Do For You

Helping you relieve pain, restore function, and regain confidence in your body.

Our team of healthcare practitioners offer a range of services and techniques to help treat neck pain, headaches, jaw pain, lower back pain, foot pain or discomfort, sports injuries, and more.

It’s our promise to provide you with the hands-on support you deserve. We’ll work with you to address the root cause of your concern(s) and come up with a treatment plan to help you feel your best.

Whether you are visiting us to address pain, increase range of motion, or to maintain good health, we support you with:

Jaw Pain

If you’re feeling drained or want to find jaw pain relief, check out our services and how we can help!” 

Pregnancy care & Postpartum Rehabilitation

Has anyone ever told you, “Body pains are normal. It’s just a part of the pregnancy journey.”? Let’s make pregnancy more comfortable. 

Injury rehabilitation

Don’t let sciatica, frozen shoulder or neck spams keep you from missing out on special moments in your life.



Dr. Natalie Lopez is our family chiropractor. It was through Dr. Natalie Lopez that we learned the benefits of chiropractic. Since we started seeing her, we noticed a big difference in our health. Dr. Natalie is very knowledgeable and passionate about her work. She is also an amazing person with a huge heart.

Maria Luisa A.

I always have a great experience when I come to see Natalie, she is both professional and very easy going, and has helped me with a number of issues over the last couple of years. Whether It be muscle pain or frequent migraines, I always leave our appointments feeling better than ever! I could not recommend her more!

Moira G.

I’ve been with Natalie for 3 years. Natalie helped me get through the lowest of the low in my recovery journey. With her holistic treatments, not only did I get out of my lower back pain, I also understood my body better. Now I feel much stronger physically, enjoying the sports I enjoy. I can’t imagine having done this without her.

Alicia Z.

I have been seeing Natalie for a chiro for a couple years now and I look forward to these appointments because she can always pinpoint problem areas and is skilled a number of different treatments to keep my body functioning. (she’s also super nice and pleasant or first timers to chiro). I work out around 5-6 times a week and anytime I miss my regularly timed sessions with Natalie, I pay for it lol!

Kevin R

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